Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb 8th and 9th

The team worked on finishing up our slides for the Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday and our Pitches on Wednesday.

We also hammered out a few features for both games:

Khepri's Tomb (FPS)
Fatigue system: instead of bullets we will be using a fatigue system for our ammo. As your character fires it's weapon, the fatigue bar will fill. Once the bar is full you can still shoot your gun, but it will drain your health.

Enemy Types:
We will have four different "basic" enemies. First is a little bug like enemy that will come from spawn generators throughout the level. the little buggers will keep coming from the generators in a attempt to attack you with their claws. Also when these guys die they will explode. Second we have the basic "pistol" enemy that will shoot at you from a medium distance. This enemy will also attempt to hide and run when it's health gets low. Next we have our shotgun enemy that will attempt to get close to you to deal max damage. If this guy is too far away from you he will attempt to charge you to get a close shot. Last we have our assault rifle enemy that has a long range weapon so he can stay farther back while shooting at you. Also if you attempt to get close to this enemy he will run away so that he can get some distance between you two.

Lastly we have the big boss of the level. Our boss is Khepri, the Scarab god of the sun in the form of a... well, a giant scarab. This boss will be able to walk on the walls and the ceilings in addition to the ground. While on the ground the bug will attempt to charge you. If it hits it will deal massive damage, but if you manage to dodge it the bug will open its wings revealing it's fleshy innards allowing you to deal extra damage. While on the ceiling the bug god will release a bunch of the mini alien guys that will attempt to attack you, diverting your attention from the giant scarab.

Sean H. will be telling you about the western later

-Anthony Lundquist

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