Saturday, February 7, 2009

First Week

To get everyone up to date on what we have done so far, here is what we have done so far this week:

First we had our groups chosen for us based upon the type of game we wanted to make. I got put in a team of six with a bunch of people I knew I could get along with.

Once all the groups were situated we all started to brainstorm two games that we would pitch the next week to our "studio bosses". They will then choose which of those two games we make.

The first of two games (so far) is a first person shooter set in Egypt. You are a tomb raider that gets trapped in a pyramid and knocked out by a mysterious figure. You wake up later on in a chamber with a weird biological weapon that uses your strength as its power source. This weapon feeds off of you and the enemies it kills to change and evolve. You must use this weapon to escape the pyramid while fighting off the mysterious creatures that put this thing on you in the first place.

The other of the two games (so far) is a third person shooter set in the wild west. You play as two gunmen that must rescue a town from a bunch of rowdy bandits. You can switch between the two gunmen which each have their strengths and weaknesses. A major feature of the game will be a "Quick Draw Mode" where once activated the game temporarily freezes and you are allowed to place targets on up to six different targets, once time is up your gunman will shoot wherever you targeted.

That is the basis of our two games currently, more will be posted about them as we hammer out the details

-Anthony Lundquist

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  1. dude those games sound like the coolest things to have ever spawned from the minds of ridiculously awesome game developers.

    PS: umm...I want in.